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Connecting Git lab with Codegrip

Codegrip allows the users to connect their repositories from Git lab with appropriate authorizations so that the user need not compromise on the security and privacy of their projects. Unless the users authorize “Codegrip” to access the required information, Codegrip will not be reading any data of the user’s Source Code.

Steps for adding repositories from Git lab:

    • On the log-in page, user will have to select the Gitlab option login.
    • On clicking this option the user will be redirected to the log-in page of the Gitlab where the user should log-in using his credentials. 
    • On the first successful log-in, the user should grant read-only access to the following information to Codegrip.
    • Finally, authorize Codegrip with all the required access by entering the password will then redirect the user to “https://app.Codegrip.tech/add-repository”, where the user will be able to analyze all the Repositories and projects that the user has on the Git lab account.