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Key Aspects to measure code quality.

There’s no one right or wrong way to measure code quality. The user could apply various metrics to the code. The following are the key traits that Codegrip grades code quality.


The reliability of a project is a measure of the program is going to deliver the expected output and will run without any failures. It relates to its functionality relates to the number of issues it has. The number of defects will be measured by Codegrip. Software reliability can be measured using the mean time between failures (MTBF).  Lower the issue count better the reliability grade.


Maintainability of the software can be measured by ease of maintaining the code eventually. It can be derived from the size, consistency, structure, and complexity of the code. Various factors such as Coverage and understandability contribute to the maintainability of any software.

Codegrip uses various metrics to derive the maintainability of your code. Both automation and human reviewers are essential for developing a maintainable code base. 


Coverage measures how well the software supports testing efforts. Coverage highly relies on how well you can manage, observe, separate, and automate testing, among other factors.

Coverage can be measured based on how many test cases you need to find potential faults in the system. Code coverage can be solicited by instrumenting the binaries to add tracing calls and run a full set of automated tests against the instrumented product. Codegrip will give you not only the percentage of the code that is executed but also will allow you to drill into the issues to find and see exactly how many lines of code were executed and which did not.


Code duplication is caused by the  “copy-and-paste development”, many developers try to make use of already tested software by cloning it and then updating it to match the needed functionality. Code duplication contributes to the increased length of the code. Every line of the code will enter the maintenance process sooner or later. Which will lean to increase in cost and efforts needed to main the code in the longer run?