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Security and Legal

Keeping our user’s data protected at all times is our highest priority. Have questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to us at team@Codegrip.tech.


Most product leaders rush the product release to meet market deadlines. Which makes the product security often takes a backseat, This leads to the buggiest software which is prone to security vulnerabilities. We at Codegrip understand the magnitude of the loss, leakage of sensitive data due to security exploits, along with the potential liability issues and lost credibility the vendor has to deal with.


Codegrip has secured your data on every step of the interaction. Codegrip is a Cloud-based SCA tool, supported and secured by AWS servers. Codegrip is one of the few SSL certified tools. Codegrip also provides an on-prem solution that allows us to provide greater control and security over all the data, managed and handled by our own IT staff. Both types of the solution provide excellent threat protection than any other SCA tool. 


At Codegrip all the API interactions between the source code and Codegrip app are secured using OAuth2.0. On to of which all the users personal information is encrypted using SHA-256 encryption, which is unreadable unless the recipient has an appropriate key, even to anyone at Codegrip. 


Codegrip has various independent and secure microservices running in the background as the user interacts with Codegrip. All these microservices are only accessible to the Codegrip App code, which makes the whole process even more reliable and robust from any security threats. 


For billing we are integrated with Stripe, all the details are stored directly on the Stripe. None of Codegrip internal servers and daemons can obtain plain text card numbers and request payments. 


All of your repositories and code are protected by various layers of firewalls and SSL security. Unlike any other SCA tool, Codegrip does not store user projects or codes so that the user should not have to worry about losing or leakage of his private information.  Here are a few articles to give you a better insight on security.



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User can find all the related articles below, for additional support, user can reach us at e: team@Codegrip.tech m: +1 408 786 5974