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Automate Your Code Review Process.

Automated Code Review At Every Commit & Pull Request

With Codegrip code reviews are only a matter of seconds.

Codegrip will automatically scan your projects at every commit performed by any developer.

In the code review report, you can see all the bugs, vulnerabilities, and duplication in your code.

This makes sure you always have an updated Code quality view of your project.

Suggested solutions

Codegrip not only shows you the bugs, vulnerabilities, and duplication but also shows the location of the issues and suggestions to solve them.

This helps the developer understand the reason for the issue, its potential downsides as well as the best solution for the same.

Codegrip acts as a live knowledge base for developers helping avoid similar issues next time.

Manage Code Duplications

Codegrip makes it easy to manage and rectify these code duplications.

With Codegrip you can detect all the code duplication in seconds.

You get the location and line number for every instance of the duplicated block of code so you can easily rectify it.

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Rule Customization

Make code reviews customized to your needs. With customizations available within Codegrip, you can create your ruleset so that you see the only issues that are relevant to you.

Automated Code reviews are personalized so that you can cut the noise and concentrate on important bugs and vulnerabilities.

No code storage

Codegrip does not store your code, keeping your intellectual property safe.

We access your code from your source control and clone it on our AWS VPC servers which do not have any internet connectivity.

As soon as the analysis completes, the private server location is destroyed along with the cloned data

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Slack Integrations

Code reviews with Codegrip are a seamless process.

You can integrate Slack with CodeGrip and get automated reports directly in the Slack channel of your choice.

Apart from this, you have the option of enabling other notifications such as reminders for commits to be performed, and details of any pull requests made on the project.

Dashboard view

The dashboard view gives an overview of all the projects of your company in the form of easy graphs that even outline the code quality of your team over a period of time.

There are grades available as well to categorize your code, making it easy to track the technical progress of the company makes it easy to set a bar, track progress, and improve the quality within the team.

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Automate your Code Review Process in Seconds