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Project Dashboard.

Your projects are analyzed using a vast range of combinations to derive the Key aspects to measure the code quality. Your Project Dashboard offers an overview of the project analysis you have analyzed from your repositories. After analyzing, we calculate the project’s overall grade by aggregating the issues and vulnerabilities. These grades are predefined depending on the number of issues and the severity of these issues. Whereas the aggregates represent the percent of coverage and duplication your project has. 


Project Branch and Pull requests.

Codegrip analysis every branch of the respective repositories. Users should be able to switch between the branch and the master project using the dropdown option on the top left of the screen. Along with the branches, users will also see a list of all the open pull requests for the respective repository on the same tab. 


Sharing the Analysis Screenshot.

Codegrip allows sharing the screenshot of the project analyzed. To allow the users better visibility over the project analysis without adding them to the Codegrip tool and the level of effort needed to make improvements.