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Analyzing projects with Codegrip.

Steps for Analyzing Projects: Once the user has added the source control, he will be able to see all the projects he has on the respective source control. 

  • To analyze the projects, 
    • Navigate to the Projects previously added from various source controls. 
    • Click the “Start Analyzing” button which is adjacent to every project listed. 
    • Once the project is analyzed, it will be visible in the “ALL REPOSITORIES” tab of the dashboard. 

You can look up the Codegrip analysis method article for more information.

Viewing the complete analysis.

Once the user has successfully analyzed the projects from various repositories, A complete analysis of these projects will be available in the “ALL REPOSITORIES” Tab of the dashboard. Users will be able to view all the analyzed projects to date. The “ALL REPOSITORIES” Tab comprises the Status of the project (passed/failed), Issues found, Security vulnerabilities found, Duplication and Progress in the project, For getting a more detailed analysis user will have to follow the below steps.


    • Navigate to the “ALL REPOSITORIES” Tab on the dashboard.
    • This will show the user an overview of the project analysis using the KIPs like Status, Issues, Security, Duplication, and Progress.
    • Clicking on the project name will allow the user to open the detailed analysis screen. 
    • It should open the project analysis screen for the selected project. This dashboard will enable the user to assess all the details of the projects. 
    • Users will be able to view all the issues and track the progress of this project using this dashboard.    



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