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What makes codegrip different from other SCA tools

What makes codegrip different from other SCA tools

Codegrip is an automated code review SaaS platform that helps developers to save time in code reviews and to tackle technical debt efficiently.

Because a vast number of critical issues are a direct cause of design quality or architectural inefficiencies, these defects are hard to detect and can stay latent for a long time before causing serious issues. Automated code review tools offer the ability to identify such vulnerabilities before an application is released or implemented. 

The primary aim of code analysis is to ensure that the general code health of the code base of the enterprise increases over time. All the tools and processes for code review are designed to achieve absolute code quality. Code review process as a quality assurance method is a part of SDLC for building software. 

Methods and benefits of automated code review

Automated code review tools often work in integration with services like Github, Gitlab or Code commit platforms that host secure Git-based repositories. The review service analyzes the code as if compiling it and checks whether it meets the required standards. Such norms differ based on the use of the software. Some issues that automated code review tools analyze are:

  • Code security
  • Error-prone
  • Code style
  • Compatibility
  • Unused codes
  • Performance of the code

Some of these software tools allow programmers to configure their code standards. There are tools that go beyond the code’s rules-based analysis, by identifying repetitive errors and vulnerabilities using machine learning techniques like Amazon’s CodeGuru. Nearly all code evaluations have these aims in common:

  • Defect-free, well-documented software.
  • Aid building software that complies with enterprise coding standards.
  • Teaching and sharing knowledge between developers.

Maintainability, security, reliable end-user documentation, appropriate code comments, maximum unit tests, and scalability are all other priorities. Every code review platform has a unique learning experience and usage capabilities. 

However, with most code review tools the automated process still have a couple of steps to follow before one can get the review.

Step 1: Install the GitHub App on your repository

Step 2: Authorize a Pull Request

Step 3: Check the results in the Pull Request

Step 4: Fixing and Validating Code does not have an issue

Step 5: Enable Update notifications.

Very few tools like Codegrip truly automate the overall code review process. Once you Sign Up to Codegrip and connect your GitHub account, your code review is just one click away. You will have the updated analysis of your project on every commit and pull request.

Codegrip features allow the user to automate the code review process with higher proficiency in comparison with similar tools: 

Codegrip reports


Codegrip Dashboard

Automated analysis on every commit

With Codegrip, code reviews are only a matter of seconds. Codegrip will automatically scan your projects at every commit performed by any developer.  In the code review report, you can see all the bugs, vulnerabilities and duplication in your code. This makes sure you always have an updated code quality view of your project.

No code Storage

Codegrip does not store your code, keeping your intellectual property safe. We access your code from your source control and clone it on our AWS VPC servers which do not have any internet connectivity. As soon as the analysis completes, the private server location is destroyed along with the cloned data.

CXO Dashboard

The dashboard view gives an overview of all the projects of your company in the form of easy graphs that even outline the code quality of your team over a period of time. There are grades available as well to categorize your code, making it easy to track the technical progress of the company makes it easy to set a bar, track progress, and improve the quality within the team.

Slack integrations

Code reviews with Codegrip are a seamless process. You can integrate Slack with CodeGrip and get automated reports directly in the Slack channel of your choice. Apart from this, you have the option of enabling other notifications such as reminders for commits to be performed, and details of any pull requests made on the project.


Here is a quick comparison of CodeGrip against 3 other companies in the similar space


Codegrip (Cloud)

Competitors with on-premise solution

Competitors with Cloud solution

Automated analysis on every commit

No Code Storage

CXO Dashboard

Slack Integration for Reports and missed Commits

Github and Bitbucket Integration

Gitlab Integration

No Maintenance, Upgrade and Infrastructure Cost


$12/user/monthFree (need manual maintenance)$20/user/month

Using a tool like Codegrip, you can leverage hundreds of automated checks for compliance and quality.  You can think of this as an extremely sophisticated extension of the compiler’s warning system. The analysis gives you a head-up about a whole assortment of questionable coding practices and you can even tailor your checks to your team’s specific preferences, disabling any warnings you consider noise or don’t agree with.

Automated code review tools can provide benchmark measurement for continued monitoring of:

  • Software Health (Security, Reliability, Efficiency, Robustness)
  • Technical Complexity
  • Technical Debt

Codegrip is one of the few enterprise-driven analysis solutions capable of evaluating numerous technologies. Employed as an automated code review software, your organization can use Codegrip to quickly detect critical flaws and improve the reliability of every application.

How Codegrip has made life easy for Co-founders

1. Codegrip’s user-friendly UI and dashboard views makes it one of the easiest tools to use. Even though I am a non-tech founder I am able to understand and track the quality of my software with ease.

 ~ Co-founder Team8.


2. With the code quality reports from Codegrip, I could create a more transparent development process with my clients. Specially the automated Slack notification on the progress of the code quality of the product helps me assure my clients of quality work.

~ CSO Datafortune.


3. I am a non-tech founder. But with the simplified dashboard on the Codegrip platform, I can understand what is going on with the code done and also measure the work quality of my outsourced team.

~ CEO Jayu


Now you can get started with automating your code review process.
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As a tool CodeGrip covers all the bases of a good automated code review tool. Codegrip can be adopted within the CI/CD pipeline by making minimal changes in the overall process. All in all, CodeGrip will allow you to improve the quality assurance practices and overall code quality while automating the complete process by integrating your development tools.


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