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Which are the main indicators provided by Codegrip?

The Key indicators provided after analyzing the code by Codegrip are Reliability, Maintainability, Coverage, Duplication.

ReliabilityThe effort to fix all bug issues. The measure is stored in minutes in the DB. An 8-hour day is assumed when values are shown in days.
MaintainabilityRating is given to your project related to the value of your Technical Debt Ratio. The default Maintainability Rating grid is:
A=0-0.05, B=0.06-0.1, C=0.11-0.20, D=0.21-0.5, E=0.51-1
CoverageOn each line of code containing some boolean expressions, the condition coverage simply answers the following question: ‘Has each boolean expression been evaluated both to true and false?’.
DuplicationThe block of code that is repeated in the project over and over through various file.


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