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How are grades calculated?

Our grades imply a status-quo of your project’s current status. We calculate the grades based on the issue density (severity of every issue) in correlation with globally accepted coding conventions.

Reliability RatingMaintainability Rating
A = 0 Bugs=5% of the time that has already gone into the application, the rating is A
B = at least 1 Minor Bugbetween 6 to 10% the rating is a B
C = at least 1 Major Bugbetween 11 to 20% the rating is a C
D = at least 1 Critical Bugbetween 21 to 50% the rating is a D
E = at least 1 Blocker Buganything over 50% is an E



Here is the blog Best Practices For Reviewing Code that will help you get better insights on the grading. Here is another blog that has Everything You Need To Know About Code Smells

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