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Performance dashboard.

Performance dashboard and its benefits

Codegrip Performance dashboard 

Data in easy to digest format is 100X better than just having data. Today we are surrounded by data, but it is only useful when the context and calibration match.

How it benefits companies

Like many other problems that can only be solved with better data, code quality also suffers due to a similar reason. Not because there is a lack of effort but because there is no way to measure the impact and improvement. When code reviews are manual, they become a qualitative assessment. What may be a big deal for one reviewer may not be so important for another.
Another problem is that manual code reviews happen in silos. Everyone cannot chime in. Especially business leaders get no view of the code that runs the business. They end up running the company based on assumptions.

Performance dashboard.

How Codegrip’s dashboard can help you improve your process

Every software project begins with fanfare and optimism. The team is convinced that with just commits and tests, we’ll be done and accepting bonuses for our elegant, faultless work. A few weeks or months in, teams wake from the utopia to find code repositories filled with bugs, revisions, and re-versions. The Codegrip dashboard is a way to understand your data around code quality and improve it proactively.    

Having a dashboard is a way to see a little into the future. The dashboard can help review the business processes for bottlenecks and find ways to upgrade the process and find trends within errors. Keeping historical data of bugs within sprints or the vulnerabilities found in each module gives actionable goals to the team to improve. With a dashboard free of technical jargon, everyone can now participate and understand the current quality benchmarks.

Codegrip dashboard highlights the number of bugs, code smells, and duplications in one place while fetching accurate states of overall improvement or decrements in the quality in the last 90 days. The team needs all of it to facilitate process transformations like streamlining and automation. Understanding the dashboard is a critical factor that will allow you to identify your reporting requirements while tracking your code quality evolution and get actionable results to fix issues quickly by focusing on what matters. 


What are the significant benefits of the dashboard?

Holistic and visually intuitive display of data

Measure positive, negative, and neutral sentiments of product development and code quality. The dashboard not only makes it easy to understand the current product quality but also specifies the increments and decrements in the class throughout the project’s life cycle. The dashboard enables the leadership teams to be informed and brings in transparency within the overall development process.

Improve Time-to-resolution

Data without context is inherent of no use. The dashboard allows you to compare your current data points with historical data quickly. You can also find latent relationships and correlations that you may not have noticed if you were looking at an Excel spreadsheet. Development teams have considerably improved their estimates for the time to resolve issues by looking at the dashboard data.

Insights for the team

With an IT dashboard, you get complete visibility into what’s going on in the department. You can quickly and efficiently resolve any staffing, security, or project-related issues by quantifying your development team’s effectiveness. This leads to a comprehensive and complete feedback loop with insights into reliability, maintainability, safety, and duplication of the respective code.

Code quality indicators and their significance
  • Reliability shows the presence of potential bugs and the issues they may cause at run time.
  • Maintainability will give you insights into the codding styles of your team, allowing you to standardize one method of development. 
  • Security allows you to address all the possible security breaches your code might have. 
  • Duplication helps in streamlining you to decrease the technical debt for future projects on your code. 


Fig:- Codegrip Benefits

Find how Codegrip analyses your code and provides you with accurate reports.

As more data sources emerge, there is a strong need to compile a centralized point of access where data can be presented cleanly, with instant insight that is easy to understand. Visual data is much faster to conceive than written. Graphics become the business standard for presenting the information. And not just regular graphs and charts, but interactive, visualizing every information a business possesses, predicting outcomes, and providing business users with instant, actionable insights.  Codegrip uses the best approach for communicating code and team performance for the leadership team while using innovative structure to show key performance metrics and logical process-based flow.

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