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How Startups Can Get A Head Start with Proper Code Reviews?

How Startups Can Get A Head Start with Proper Code Reviews?


The software industry is hypercompetitive, and startups have a hard time getting the recognition they need to make it in the industry. If you are struggling with getting your product noticed by your audience, you should consider opting for proper code reviews. Coding is prone to human error and it is very easy for mistakes to be overlooked during the early stage of development. Without a proper audit, you may end up pushing out a subpar app that does not meet your audience’s expectations.


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Why is Code Review Important?

Code review is important if you want to validate your app design and development practices. Developers can maintain consistency in their code. With multiple team members working on a single app, it can be difficult to get the right results. There are two commonly accepted methods of code review peer reviews and external reviews. Regardless of whether you choose to get your code reviewed by your internal team or third-party service providers, a full audit can help you identify design inconsistencies and bugs.

Startups do not have the right expertise to get a comprehensive audit of their code. This is where automated code review and external audits come in. Getting industry experts to review your code prevents chances of bugs slipping into the final version of your app, and it also ensures consistency across your design and development teams.

Benefits of Code Review for Startups

As a startup, you should be looking to review your code across all development stages. Auditing and maintaining consistency in your code is important for all projects. By implementing sustainable code review practices, the odds of encountering regression bugs are reduced.

Here are some of the top benefits of code review for startups:


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Finding Bugs Early: Fixing a bug during the development phase is much easier than fixing them after development is in its final stages. Obvious mistakes can be avoided by getting your code audited externally. There are automated code review tools available to help with code review as well. Your development team should act on inputs from your code reviewers and fix the bugs immediately before proceeding with further development to avoid leaks and security problems.

Ensure Code Usability: The best thing about coding is how flexible it is. You can reuse parts of your code from one of your current projects and implement them in future projects. The software can be very difficult to maintain, but with the help of code reviews, you can preserve your code for future use.

Customer Satisfaction: If you have a successful launch of your first app as a startup, you can build trust in your brand. App users expect a bug-free experience and if you can offer your audience that, it will help you make a mark in the software industry.

Track Development Progress: Through code reviews, you can track development progress and see the contribution by each developer. With the review taking place in all stages of development, you can keep an eye out for mistakes while also being on track for deadlines. Tracking development progress helps you meet client expectations and maintain good practices.


How to Review Code Effectively?


As a startup, having an effective code review process is very useful and important. Your development team should have its code reviewed at every development stage. But code reviews are not always straightforward and require planning. Just like your code, you need to assess your review practices and see if there is any room for improvement.

Planning: If you are opting for an internal code review, ensure that you have your teams working together. If errors or inconsistencies in code are found, changes need to be made before proceeding with subsequent stages of development.

Reviewing: Before merging any code upstream, no code should be left unreviewed. Any kind of questionable merges can lead to your code being buggy and inconsistent. When peer reviews are involved, it is important to avoid developers reviewing their own code as it is more likely that developers will overlook mistakes in their own code.

Estimation: As more changes are made during the development process with code reviews involved, estimates of delivery deadlines are likely to change as well. Estimation is meant to be a team exercise and as code is reviewed, developers gain more insights into the final product. All issues, exploits, and concerns surrounding your code need to be fixed which adds to the total development time of your app. But it also helps bring down the time needed to fix issues at the end of the development cycle, which is more time consuming than regular audits.

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Early feedback and continued code reviews lead to a better final product. If you want to make a lasting impression on your clients or your userbase, it is important to implement sustainable development practices as a startup. Proper code reviews can help you get the right head start you need!


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