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How CodeGrip make code review easier for your organizations

How CodeGrip make code review easier for your organizations

How CodeGrip make code review easier for your organizations


CodeGrip’s vision is to be a productivity booster for technology teams and make everyone a part of enhancing code quality. Companies write better code by making it super easy and engaging to monitor code review. CodeGrip calculates and presents relevant Software Analysis to help stakeholders make informed decisions and continuously improve the software and SDLC processes.

  • Static source code analysis, either on the cloud or an on-premise solution.
  • In-depth detection of Security Vulnerabilities, providing detailed lists on where the vulnerabilities appear, their correlation to Security standards, providing remediation clues, and assessing remediation progress.
  • Quality Defects detection that affects important software characteristics: Reliability, Maintainability, Duplication, and Coverage.
  • Calculates your code health based on the number of violations, complexity, design, code size.
  • Detection of Duplicate Code.

You can also share the analysis to consume elsewhere through CodeGrip’s Share Analysis switch, and the screenshot of the page will be shared with the team member.

Challenge companies face in having code review practice

  • The lengthy Manual Code Review Process involves many skills, experience, and patience. The issues or errors discovered in this review will greatly help to increase the efficiency of the firm and will take a lot of time and experienced professionals to find the issues.  
  • Code Reviews practices are often not standardized and depend on human judgment
  • The impact of Code quality remains under the jurisdiction of developers only
  • The impact of good vs bad code is not palpable to most business leaders

The way CodeGrip solves those limitations

Within a few seconds, automatically scans the code for bugs, code smells, and vulnerabilities.

Lightweight code review: 

Code review tools help overcome the shortcomings associated with each approach listed above. Tools automate the mundane tasks of code review. It can also package source files, send reviewer notifications, facilitate overall communication where the defects are tracked and resolved.

Suggested solutions:

CodeGrip not only shows you the bugs, vulnerabilities, and duplication but also shows the location of the issues and suggestions to solve them. This helps the developer understand the reason for the issue, its potential downsides, as well as the best solution for the same. CodeGrip acts as a live knowledge base for developers, helping avoid similar issues next time.

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Rule Customization:

Make code reviews customized to your needs. With customizations available within CodeGrip, you can create your ruleset so that you see the only issues that are relevant to you. Automated Code reviews are personalized so that you can cut the noise and concentrate on important bugs and vulnerabilities.

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No code storage:

CodeGrip does not store your code, keeping your intellectual property safe. We access your code from your source control and clone it on our AWS VPC servers, which do not have any internet connectivity. The private server location is destroyed along with the cloned data after the analysis is completed. Get perfect insights on code quality improvement over every commit or pull request.

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CXO dashboard:

The dashboard view gives an overview of all the projects of your company in the form of easy graphs that even outline the code quality of your team over a period of time. There are grades available as well to categorize your code, making it easy to track the technical progress of the company makes it easy to setting a bar, tracking progress, and improving the quality within the team.

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Slack Integrations:

Code reviews with CodeGrip are a seamless process. You can integrate Slack with CodeGrip and get automated reports directly in the Slack channel of your choice. Additionally, you can enable other notifications such as reminders for commits, and details of any pull requests.

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Combining code review with CICD: Implementing the automated code review tool in our existing manual code review process allowed us to enhance the overall process for software development. It allowed us to plan time for all the projects in the pipeline. Having an automated code review tool has helped our team to contribute and collaborate on smarter initiatives.

Even the new members of the team started to learn much faster than before.  A drastic difference was noticed in the overall quality of code. Helping us to limit risk and costs simultaneously. CodeGrip Informs you about the duplicity percentage in the code along with duplicated blocks, files, and lines.

Tells how much time would take you to fix the bugs. The vast majority of security-related rules originate from established standards: CWE, SANS Top 25, and OWASP Top 10. CodeGrip supports all 3 standards

Possible improvements and results in the overall system due to CodeGrip

Over a period of one year, we have been taking feedback from our customers actively and our customers have reported the following insights-. 

“CodeGrip’s, automated code review saved the overall development time by at least 26%.” 

“CodeGrip’s, automated code review provides actionable inputs to the developer for him to work upon instead of being dependent on the reviewer. “

“The average manual code review took 30 minutes per 200 lines of code whereas, with the help CodeGrip’s code, the review took less than 10 minutes per 200 lines” 

“CodeGrip’s, reviews generally take one-third amount of the time needed for the same lines of code.” 

Increase your code quality by getting accurate code review reports. Sign Up on our Automated Code Review Tool now for Free!

End note: 

In any organization, bringing any new tool can lead to unnecessary challenges in the development process. Along with all the benefits, CodeGrip can make the sync straightforward and effortless for the overall team. 


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