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Top 5 Code Review Mistakes

Top 5 Code Review Mistakes

“It is not a mistake to make a mistake, but it is definitely a mistake to repeat a mistake”. With that said, code reviews are a great way to improve the quality of your code, but it has to be done precisely to exploit its full potential. So today we have compiled a list of some common code review mistakes that you have to look out for.

Common Code Review Mistakes

1) Hop off tests:

Go through all the tests that show up in the review. We are aware that going through all the tests can be very boring, but it is equally essential. The reason for this is that even if the first few tests show no issues, it will be very harmful to assume that the remaining are fine too! And major issues that are shown at a later stage in some tests can definitely go unnoticed.


2) Reviewing only newly added coded:

The code goes through various changes, if lines are deleted or not paid attention because they are old, you might just lose the concept of the old implementation method. Thus it is always advisable to read the code as a whole.


3) Rush:

The biggest reason for an inaccurate review; rushed reviews are very deadly in every way. Because of the pressures on the reviewers, they are bound to rush through the code lines without actually going through them! Fine and subtle mistakes are bound to be missed due to the demand for a quicker review. Automation can significantly reduce human error, but still, a rushed review is never a good choice.


4) Ignoring Design:

Many reviewers ignore the overall design and just focus on the functionality and workability of the code! But by doing this, they miss the role of the code in the whole system and how it fits into what is already there.


5) Unclear Comments:

Leaving unclear comments to the author for any changes needed is the most reviewers make. It is necessary to put in clear comments to create space for dialogue.

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