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Best productivity tools for developers that will make remote work life productive

 Best productivity tools for developers that will make remote work life productive


In these uncertain times of Corona Outbreak organizations need to ensure that their employees stay safe and have allowed them to work from home. The biggest challenge to work from home is to be productive.

Having the right tools in your control can really help you become a productive developer.

This is why we curated a list of a few productivity tools to make this change easier and help you and your team to be as productive as possible.

We hope this list of productivity tools will assist you with pinpointing the fundamental applications for your work process.

1. Clockify




Clockify is a time tracking app designed for both businesses and individuals. It’s useful for work-related as well as personal agendas. You can make reports and oversee your workflow and track the progress of certain activities. On a personal note, you can keep track of your habits and check if any of your time is wasted on something fruitless.

Some of it’s most useful features are: 

  1. Time tracking- Start and stop the timer as you work, or enter hours manually.
  2. Timesheet – Report a week’s worth of time in less than a minute.
  3. Dashboard – See where you spend time and what your team is working on.
  4. Reports – See who worked on what, how much money you earn, review your team’s time, and export the data.

Clockify is available on all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


2.  Polypane 



Polypane is the browser for developers and designers that care about the quality of their work. Develop, debug and test twice as fast as you normally would by showing your site in multiple synced viewports at once, giving you the full overview of your site and helping you catch bugs. Polypane has extensive developer tooling built right in, like live reloading, screenshots, built-in contrast checking, accessibility testing and tons of other features that save you time and help you build better websites and apps. 


3. HeySpace



HeySpace is an easy to use task management tool with chat. It allows teams to communicate and cooperate in one place, no matter where they are. In HeySpace, you can chat one-on-one or in Spaces assigned to projects, manage tasks in board view, and schedule them in the calendar view. In Spaces, you can manage workflow, assign team members to tasks, and check the progress of the whole project. Use the integrations with Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Zapier to create one productivity hub for your company. 

4. Waka Time


WakaTime – the developer dashboard. WakaTime is a personal analytics service for programmers that shows you how you spend your time and helps you be more productive. Here, programming metrics are auto-generated from open-source plugins. With over 43 text editors & IDEs supported and 700+ languages detected, WakaTime is the leading automated analytics platform for programmers, contractors & freelancers.


5. 7pace



 7pace Timetracker is the only fully integrated time management tool for users in Azure DevOps. It includes professional time recording, forecasting, budgeting and management capabilities for teams. 7pace Timetracker is so seamlessly integrated into Azure DevOps, you’ll think it’s always been there. Track and see time analytics from inside your work items. With a desktop system and mobile apps, it’s easier to stay on track wherever you are.


6. Pep


Pep turns your existing website into a fast installable Progressive Web App (PWA) in one line of code. Your users can install your website like a native app (Forbes’s PWA increased engagement by 60%), access it offline, and load it faster with responsive, optimized,  pre-fetched assets. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are cutting-edge websites that behave like native apps. They’re installable, fast, work offline, and open in their own native window.


7. Chanty


Chanty is a simple and fast team chat app to boost communication in teams of all business segments. With Chanty, you can easily get in touch with your colleagues in private, public, group and one-on-one conversations. The Teambook menu allows you to keep all your messages, files, links and tasks in order. You can also achieve a new level of productivity with third-party Apps in Chanty. Join Chanty – simple AI-powered team chat. Get secure unlimited messaging free forever.


8. Focusmate



Focusmate is meant for Distraction-Free Productivity. Focusmate virtual coworking provides accountability exactly when and how you need it to get things done—live, “in person” from another human being. Users work side-by-side, remotely over the video, in structured 50-minute sessions. Focusmate virtual coworking helps you get things done. 

9. Superposition



Superposition extracts design tokens from websites and then lets you export them to code and to design tools like Adobe XD and Figma. It shows all your tokens in a beautiful overview so you get a real insight into your site. Useful for when you’re starting a design system, but also when you’re checking a site for consistency.


Here’s how Codegrip will increase the productivity of the developer by making code review easier and instant


Codegrip is the one-stop tool for all code quality measures. Codegrip helps you to build a powerful code. It is an automated code review tool where code undergoes various tests for bugs, code smells, vulnerabilities and scans it for any security issues. 

CodeGrip makes secure code review an easy task that you can repeatedly perform without thinking about the cost, time, and effort.



Picking the right tool for the right job is probably the most crucial skill. We hope this list will help you pinpoint the essential applications for your workflow.

If we missed your favorite tool, please let us know in the comments.


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