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Zero Code Duplication with Codegrip

Duplicate code is the repetitions of lines of code in the same file or in another file in the same project. Code Duplication occurs especially when in the initial phase of the software the primary focus of the developer is on the functionality of the software rather than the efficiency.

Top harmful effects of code duplication

While developing a software program the developers have to write 1000s of lines of code. Managing code duplication manually can take hours off the development time. With multiple instances of code duplication, the efficiency of the software decreases.

Makes the program bulky

Each line of code duplicated will increase the total number of lines of code in the program which increases the time needed to execute the program. A lot of such duplication in code can make the programmer very lengthy and contribute greatly to increased execution time.

Increased technical debt

Suppose you write buggy code. You do a code review to find out the issue and then fix it. Now replace this scenario of buggy code with bugs too duplicated. You now have to fix every location that code is, losing your time, efficiency and sometimes temper. This situation is called inverse shotgun surgery and is pretty nasty for any developer.

Increased security vulnerabilities

Code duplication generally occurs due to copy and paste programming, which also creates security vulnerabilities. When developers take a code from somewhere and add into their software they forget about the security holes that plagiarized code has. Duplicate codes leave an opening for attackers to exploit and get into your code making it vulnerable.

Screenshot overview of the code quality analysis showing duplications in a file.

Managing Duplicated code with Codegrip

Managing code duplication can be a tedious task but with Codegrip, managing code duplication is easier than ever. Our code analysis tool not only gives you the percentage of duplication present in your project but also shows you which block of code is duplicated and the location of the duplicated code.

    • Navigate through project folders and files within Codegrip
    • Click on a file containing code duplication.
    • The lines of code that are duplicated will be marked with a black line
    • Click on the black line to see the location and line numbers of where the code is duplicated
    • Go and fix the duplication