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Health Check For Your Code

Codegrip is an automated code review tool that assists in analyzing the quality of your code. We have divided code quality into four major metrics to help you easily understand which aspect of code needs work.

How Codegrip calculates the code quality of your project

Our code analysis tool analyzes code on the four important metrics – Reliability, Maintainability, Code Coverage, and Duplication.

Codegrip uses a grading system to show the reliability and maintainability of a project and percentages to represent code coverage and duplication.

The grades are allocated from A to E where A is the highest and E is the lowest grade.




Reliability is the first metric of code quality. It is the combination of bugs and vulnerabilities present in your project. Lesser the bugs and vulnerabilities better the reliability score of your project. Bugs or vulnerabilities with greater severity are given more weightage when calculating the reliability score.

This metric shows the reliability grade of the project along with the number of issues present and the technical debt needed to solve these issues.


Maintainability is the value given to your project related to the Technical Debt Ratio of the project. This usually is the measure of code smells in your project and the technical debt related to those code smells. Lesser number of code smells and lower severity means better maintainability score.

Code Coverage

This is the percentage of the lines of code covered by unit tests in your project. Code coverage is represented in percentages with an arrow next to it. If the arrow is pointed downwards it means that the overall code coverage of the project is low while the opposite holds true if the arrow is pointing upwards. Along with this our code review tool also mentions the number of lines needed to be covered and shows which lines of code are not yet covered by unit tests.


Duplication is the percentage of code duplicated in your project in any of the files.
With this you can also see the number of lines duplicated and which files are they duplicated in.

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