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Codegrip has a group of rule sets that will help you find bugs, code smells, vulnerabilities, and duplication in your project.




Codegrip Go Language Dashboard
Codegrip Go Code Smell
Codegrip Go Code Smell 1
Codegrip Go Vulnerability
Codegrip Go Duplication
Go Dashboard
Code smell - Remove the unused function parameter
Code smell - Make this IP address configurable
Vulnerability - Password Detected in identifier
Go Duplication
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 You can check the above Go project in detail



Codegrip Primary Go Rule Set

You can make your own rule set in your project

Codegrip Go Language Rule set

Check all the rule sets by clicking on the above Preview Demo Project  :arrow_right: Settings :arrow_right:  Ruleset


Now you can start analyzing your code in 3 simple steps

Easy steps to analyze your code


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