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An extensive survey on the current trends in code review

Inputs from 1000+ CxOs, Senior Developers and Tech Leads


Codegrip commissioned a survey of 1000+ tech enthusiasts including CTOs, CEOs, Tech Lead and Senior Developers from throughout the world to understand the state of code quality and benchmark best practices. While there were companies of different sizes ranging from startups to Fortune 500 that participated, some of the noteworthy companies that participated are Oracle, Github, AMD, etc.

Quick Key Findings

We found that 84% of the companies have a defined code review process in place. Out of these, 36% of the companies said that Code Reviews are the best way to improve code quality. 26% of the companies believed Integration testing to be the best way to improve code quality and the same results were seen for Unit testing.

More than half (57%) of the companies said that they perform tool-based code review or used a combination of tool, ad-hoc, meeting, instant and or IDE based code review methods.


Of the companies said that code reviews are the best way to improve code quality

2-5 Hours

Average time spent on code reviews weekly

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