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Codegrip helped Simplicity Creations to decrease app delivery time by 20%

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A graphical representation how Codegrip helped Simplicity Creations decrease their app delivery time.

About Simplicity Creations

Simplicity Creation is a US-based software development company that specializes in mobile and web applications. Their product ranges right from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients. The company also works in automation using IoT and chatbots. They provide expert technology teams & solutions to entrepreneurs looking to build an innovative product. They have a vast team of 100+ developers and have been in operation since 2012.

Problems Simplicity Creations were facing with their code review process

Initially, Simplicity Creation performed code reviews manually, which was dependent on the availability of the senior developer. This caused the following problems.

Longer app delivery time

Unorganized reports

Lesser time for development

Not all bugs could be detected

Benefits Simplicity achieved after optimizing their code review process

Overall the company saw a 20% decrease in their delivery times. The easy to use workflow of Codegrip made managing code review across multiple projects effortless. With this, they also saw a 15% reduction in time spent on technical debt, which meant increased time for development. The company went on to be acquired by iLink Systems in Jan 2020.

Learn how Codegrip helped Simplicity Creations decrease app delivery time.

“With Codegrip we were able to optimize our code review process and make it more efficient. Using it saved us a lot of time off code reviews, which we are now able to use for development.”

– Ritesh Kapadia, CTO Simplicity Creations

Simplicity Creations were able to decrease their delivery time along with the number of bugs.
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