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Why switch to Codegrip?

Codegrip makes code review easy, instant, secure and cost-friendly.

No Code Storage

Codegrip is the world’s only automated code review tool that does not store your code. We understand the security of your IP is of utmost importance to you. With Codegrip you need not worry about your code being stolen. Because we provide you with detailed code quality reports without storing even a single line of your code.

No cost for Maintenance, Upgrades on Infrastructure

With Codegrip there are no additional costs for maintenance, upgrades or Infrastructure. It is all taken care of by us

Automated analysis, on every commit

Codegrip gives you an automated code review report on every commit you perform. This makes further code review process seamless and quick

Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab Integration.

Codegrip supports all three popular Source Controls Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab. You just have to register on Codegrip using any of the source controls mentioned and you can start analyzing your code instantly

Dashboard View

Get an overview of the code quality for all the projects. This helps managers make quick decisions and see the progress of the project in a single view.

Slack Integration

You can easily connect Slack to our platform and get notified of the code analysis report in the designated Slack channel. These notification include automatic code review reports and no commit performed notification.

100 million +
lines of code analyzed
4 million +
issues found

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Step 1

Sign Up with any of these source controls or using your Gmail account.
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Step 2

Add the repositories you want to analyze by clicking on the ``Add Repository`` button.
Codegrip - Start Analyzing

Step 3

Start analyzing your repository by click on the ``Start Analyzing`` button.
Codegrip reports

Your report will be ready in less than a minute

You can now view the bugs, duplications, vulnerabilities, code smells in your code and much more.

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