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No Code Storage
Detailed Code Quality Reports
Automated analysis on every commit
Dashboard View
100 million +
lines of code analyzed
4 million +
issues found

Your Intellectual Property Is Safe

World’s first and the only automated code review tool that does not store your code

We understand the security of your IP is of utmost importance to you. With Codegrip you need not worry about your code being stolen. Because we provide you with detailed code quality reports without storing even a single line of your code.

Automated Code Review Tool
for Developers and Project Managers

Codegrip makes code review easier, instant, secure and cost friendly.

Health Check for your Code

Just like a human doctor, our automated code review tool makes sure that your code undergoes various tests for Bugs, Code Smells, and Vulnerabilities. With Codegrip you get detailed reports of the code analysis within seconds.

Dig Deeper into the Code Review

With our code analysis, you not only get the number of issues in the code but also where they are located in your code. With this, you also get suggested solutions for each issue found in your code. This is helpful for the developers to quickly fix the issues and move ahead.

Screenshot of the issues found by performing code review using Codegrip.
Screenshot overview of the code quality analysis showing duplications in a file.

Zero Code Duplication

With large projects, it gets difficult to maintain the DRY principle but with our Automated Code review tool, we make it easier for you to manage duplications. Our code analysis informs you about the duplicity percentage in the code along with duplicated blocks, files, and line numbers.

Time and Effort Estimation

Get to know ideally how much time should it take to fix the bugs. With this, you can plan your code review process and correction periods accurately.

A digital design showing the effort estimation feature of Codegrip.

Easy Notifications with Slack

You can easily connect Slack to our platform and get notified of the code analysis report in the designated Slack channel. These notification include automatic code review reports and no commit performed notification.

Dashboard View

Get an overview of the code quality for all the projects. This helps managers make quick decisions and see the progress of the project in a single view.

Screenshot of the Dashboard overview of the code review performed for all projects using Codegrip - An automated code review tool

20+ Languages Supported for Code review

What our clients say!

We had previously used a similar tool but the problem we faced was, the tool used to store our entire codebase to their servers. Best part about Codegrip is that, it does not store any of your code to their servers.

CTO, Teach Reach

I am a non-tech founder. But with the simplified dashboard on Codegrip platform, I can understand what is going on with the code done and also measure the work quality of my outsourced team.

CEO, Jayu

One of the easiest tool I have ever used!! First, we don’t spend time configuring or maintaining it. Second, Codegrip is not just a code review tool for us, it’s a learning tool as well. End result has been higher quality software.

CTO, Scoopbroker

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