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100X Teams - Episode 6

Transitioning from Corporate Job to Building a Startup

Pankaj Parashar


Pankaj Parashar Co-Founder of Purple Ant
Pankaj has more than twenty years’ experience working at the intersection of technology and insurance. As an IT service provider executive, he has seen at close hand the business problems faced by the insurance industry and has led teams to provide solutions using technology.He strongly believes that it is easier for startups today to be an enabler for insurers rather than traditional service providers because clients want to buy solutions for their problems rather than commodity FTEs from service providers with no skin in the game.


About 100X Teams

Every company wants to grow exponentially yet only a few of them do. 100X teams is a webinar series where notable leaders share their experiences, strategies, and tools that have helped them exponentially increase the productivity of their teams. In this Episode of 100X Teams, we are hosting Pankaj Parashar who is the co-founder of Purple Ant. With InsurTech now becoming mainstream, Pankaj uses his rich experience to accelerate the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies in solving real-world challenges for the insurance industry

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Pankaj Parashar

Pankaj Parashar

Co-Founder Purple Ant

Pankaj Parashar is the co-founder of Purple Ant, which is the only device agnostic predictive property monitoring platform that helps ambitious leaders in Insurance companies to look beyond the curve in an era in which data is currency.


Ayush Jain

CEO and Co-founder, Codegrip.

Ayush has 10+ years of corporate experience primarily in software sales and marketing. He has successfully co-founded & has run three tech startups which he scaled from zero to 1M in revenue.